Android POS System

MyPOS App is a POS System to use on Android smartphones and tablets as a Mobile Cash Register. MyPOS App is a free to use point of sale application. It is a POS application to use on a Retail or Hospitality business want to have a simple POS system to manage a price menu, issue invoices, track inventory and manage the business without ongoing payments. It’s completely FREE and does not rely on an internet connection.

Simple POS Application

MyPOS is a very simple POS application. It can easily be understood by anyone in few minutes. Just download and install the APP, add Items, add business information for the receipt and start making sales.

Completely FREE to use

MyPOS is completely FREE for anyone to use. There are is only one version (no basic or pro) an you get everything without a limitation. We have tested it with minimum Android ver 4.0.2

Does not rely on Internet

Once you download and Install MyPOS App, it does not rely on Internet to operate. There are future developments such as an Online Portal to manage the Products Menu and Online Payment Gateway such as Stripe.

Products Page

The products page is a flat design to display Products. These products button can be color coded for easy selection. Price and available stock can be displayed on each f these buttons. Barcode allows products to be easily selected using your inbuilt camera or an external barcode scanner.

Tip: Tap and Hold on a Product to Edit that Product.

Select Products

Once you enable the Floating Cart on the setting, the number of products selected is displayed on the bottom. Once all items has been selected, click on Floating Cart or swipe left to goto Sales Page. You also have the access to add a new product on this page.

Tip: Tap and Hold on a Product to Edit that Product including disabling that product.

Sales Page

Sales page clearly shows the items selected with Tax already applied. Tap on a product to edit or delete that line. You also have the option to Clear this Sale or Proceed to Payment. 

Tip: Tax can setup as a percentage included or excluded in Product Price.

Payment Page

MyPOS App has a very practical Payment Page. There are four payment types. Receipt and Docket Print can be managed of your choice. Press PAY to complete the Sale. Automatic printouts and opening of Cash Drawer is configured on Setting.

Tip: Press Open Cash Drawer to manually open cash drawer.

Reports Page

Reports page is a simple representation of Cash-flow summery based on the time period selection. There is an option to Delete a Sale or Reprint a receipt by selecting a record. Swipe right to access the Analytics Page of the selected time period. 

App Menu

App menu can be accessed from the Top Right.

Receipt Setup 

TAX Setup


IP Printer Setup

Demo Data

About Us

Receipt Setup

Enter details of business information and default Receipt and Docket printing preference on Payments Page. Information stored here is displayed in Receipt Header.

Tax Setup

MyPOS App has a single Tax Rate with an option the tax to be included in Price or Plus Tax.

App Settings

Purge Records is designed to enter the number of days old and over you want to delete transactions history for house keeping.

Default Products Taxable is the default selection of the Product is taxable or not on Product Setup.

Display All Products allows to view disabled items in Black Background for an option to enable to change into a new product.

Consolidate Sale Items as it means consolidate by quantity of that products in Sales Page. This is a setting you may choose based on the Products that you sell.

Enable Basket is the number you see on Products page. Once enabled the App will wait until you finish selecting all items before moving to Sale Page.

Enable Barcode is an option to search and read barcodes using the built in Camera or an external Barcode Reader. Anyone does not use barcodes can disable this option.

IP Printer Setup

MyPOS App is designed only to use with an 80mm IP Printer. Once the device is connected to your local Wifi, Change the IP address to match your IP Receipt Printer and Connect. 

Sample Data

There are 4 types of Sample Data to load on this menu. This is the quickest option for you to try out the App with Sample Data without taking too much of your time..

Add New Product

To add a new product, you need a Name and a Selling Price. MyPOS App does not have a Category Option at the moment. It’s a flat menu.

Location represents where you want to place the Product on the Sale Page.  Choose your desired color, default being grey color.

Options selection makes the product to display as an option. This option adds a * in front of the product name.

Product can be Taxable or Tax free.

MyPOS App does not have an option to DELETE a product. Instead, you may Disable the product for future use. 

Edit a Product

Press and Hold on a Product on the Products Page to enter Editing that Product.

Tip: Scroll down to enable and manage Stock. 

Display Stock

Once you Enable Stock on the Product Setup, the Product Button will start displaying the Quantity in Hand. The stock in hand will reduce as you sell the product. 

Manage Stock

Scroll down on Product Setup to access to Stock Management. You may also do your Stock Movement, Stock IN or OUT to adjust the stock.

Buy a Cash Drawer and Printer Combo

MyPOS Android POS App support 80mm Thermal IP Printer for Receipt and Docket Printing. Also features an Integrated Cash Drawer for automatic opening.


Open Source POS

MyPOS App is developed over a stable open source POS application. We have invested hours of development and expertise on adding more features and streamlining processes to make it a commercially practical POS application.

Future developments include a Online Management Portal to Create, Edit, Save Products and Transfer Product between devices. Also integrated payment gateways such as Stripe Payment Gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you can not find the answer you are looking for on our Forum or FAQ Section.